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What should be the main focus when hiring? - employee retention

Mar 3 2021

What should be the main focus when hiring?

A few weeks ago, I posted a poll asking LinkedIn what the main focus should be when looking at your recruitment strategy. (I just don’t ...
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10 reasons fintechs struggle to hire top talent

Feb 22 2021

10 reasons fintechs struggle to hire top talent

We work in one of the world’s largest financial services sector. And whilst fintech companies are having huge successes in securing billions in funding to ...
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Bank Holiday weekend every weekend - 4-Day week

Jan 22 2021

Bank Holiday Weekend! Every Weekend?

Who else has been wondering if the current pandemic has made the 4-day week idea redundant?  “Absolutely nobody, Jamie”. Well here is a blog about ...
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Top Talent

Nov 16 2020

How I have helped FinTechs to continue hiring the best talent – even during a global pandemic

Fintech leaders know recruitment is their biggest challenge. To scale the business and lead the market, you need to attract, hire and retain the best ...
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Diversity and Inclusion policies

Oct 20 2020

Why I have a problem with Diversity and Inclusion policies

Before you unfollow me, block me and report me to the authorities, let me clarify. Diversity and Inclusivity is a good thing and massively important. ...
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Female senior executives during covid

Sep 23 2020

Is COVID a catalyst for good in Fintech?

Let me tell you about an industry where females are totally under-represented. One where derisively few companies have women as senior executives, let alone at ...
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