Our focus

We specialise in mid- level up to Director level appointments often incorporating very specialist business knowledge and experience in the following functions:

  • C-Level
  • MD
  • Sales Director
  • Head Of
  • Director Of
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Account Management
  • Pre-Sales
  • Product Management
  • Product Development
  • Product Marketing
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Business Consultant / Analyst
  • Support
Our focus

Recent Case Studies

Company: Enfusion
Size: 400+ employees, 8 regional offices
Sector: Cloud based Investment, Management Software
Remit: Multi Senior Sales hires

Situation: Huge success and the resulting investment meant Enfusion were in position to rapidly expand their Sales team for the EMEA. Multi-hires were required for London, all with top notch Sales track records and an excellent understanding of Investment Management workflow…then Enter COVID!

Solution: We used a combination of techniques including a detailed  structured market search, utilising our extensive network as a platform for relevant referrals and targeted Ad campaigns. Throughout COVID we worked closely with senior stakeholders and the internal TA teams to manage a successful interview process resulting in a number of offers.

Outcome: We secured two amazing Sales people for the London Sales Team. Both have impressed and exceeded expectations from day one. And importantly both have had nothing but positive feedback on their new roles at Enfusion. Despite the COVID disruption they are smashing it!


Company: InvestCloud
Size: 360+ employees in 8 regional offices
Sector: Cloud based Investment Management Software
Remit: Senior Pre-Sales

Situation: Very cool California based startup now well and truly in scale up mode, grown from an idea in a garage to a platform with 700 clients & over $2 trillion of assets in just 10 years. They were struggling to find a Pre-Sales consultant with relevant business knowledge for their London Sales team…. Enter CJC!

Solution: Pre-Sales is a bit of sweet spot for us so after meeting with 3 different stakeholders involved in the hiring process we got to work.

Outcome: Within a few days we had presented 5 candidates that were all very well known to us and had confirmed a strong shortlist for interview. Within a few weeks this resulted in a very talented up and coming pre-sales consultant being selected for a final interview, and after a nervous wait we got the news we wanted. Jose had smashed the final presentation and would be offered the position, which he gladly accepted. Boom!

Red Deer

Company: Red Deer  
Size: Startup
Sector: Buy-Side tech
Remit: Key hires across Sales, Product and PS

Situation: Slick up and coming London startup with some top industry talent driving their growth. We were engaged directly by their CEO via a referral to provide some targeted support by sourcing some key hires across Sales, Product and Professional Services to enable them to scale the business. The CEO warned us that they were extremely “picky” on who they bought into the business and that he had very high expectations!

Solution: RUN!!! Just kidding. We worked closely with the business to understand what was required and met with a number of key stakeholders to look at defining and planning an end to end candidate experience and how to improve their interview process. We were then in a position to source some quality talent resulting in a number of offers and subsequent successful hires.

Outcome: Expectations met!


Company: Finbourne
Size: 60+ employees, 1 regional office
Sector: Cloud-based investment data platform
Remit: Head of Product Marketing

Situation: Difficult to find profile for a Head of Product Marketing for an exciting Startup in London. The role required a unique blend of buy-side business knowledge, commercial acumen and a technical understanding of software solutions. It was almost too easy…!

Solution: Despite the demanding skill set required for the role, I knew the man for the job almost immediately after reading the Spec. Within one week I had set up a meeting and after managing a relatively extensive interview process combined with navigating a Visa sponsorship transfer, we secured a great offer which was accepted.

Outcome: We have actually placed Joel twice now and count him as one of my most valued contacts in the industry and good friend. We have to say he is an absolute class act and very highly regarded by everyone who works with him. Great hire Finbourne! And congratulations on the new role Joel!

Charles River

Company: Charles River Development
Size: 750 employees in 11 regional offices
Sector: Front Office Investment Management Software
Remit: Senior Implementation Consultant

Situation: Very difficult to find profile for a client facing Implementation Consultant with excellent technical skills and a good understanding of Investment Management workflow.

Solution: We used our extensive network as a platform for relevant referrals and within 1 week had found the ideal profile which we presented to the client for interview.

Outcome: We secured an amazing offer for our candidate who gladly accepted. Charles River were delighted to have a such an exciting new addition to their Professional Services Team. Smiles all round!


Company: Duco
Size: 60+ headcountUK start-up with 2nd round of funding secured to the tune of $30 million
Sector: Innovative cloud technology to normalize, validate and reconcile data
Remit: Key Pre-Sales hire

Situation: Duco were in a massive growth phase and looking at scaling their infrastructure and team structures across the business. A top priority for them was making a key hire into their Pre-Sales team and the challenge was not only finding the right skill set but also the right personality and team fit for their start-up culture.

Solution: Duco were a new client for Callum James so we had to impress! We worked hard to resource the most relevant candidates possible and importantly meet with each one to qualify if this company was going to be the right mutual fit culturally.

Outcome: We quickly found and engaged with one particular candidate who we knew had the right experience and after meeting with him we also knew had the appetite for a challenge such as Duco’s. We represented him for interview and it quickly became apparent he was their preferred candidate, which ultimately resulted in another successful placement!


Company: SimCorp
Size: 23 offices around the world, more than 1,500 employees
Sector: Front to Back Office Investment Management Software
Remit: Head of Sales, Alternatives

Situation: SimCorp were launching a new Alternatives Assets software solution for clients, which integrated into their Dimension Investment platform. They needed to hire an expert within the Alternatives Software space to help them define and drive their sales strategy for this new product.

Solution: We were engaged on an exclusive basis to map the international market, report back on available talent, engage with target individuals, and manage the interview process to a successful conclusion.

Outcome: After an in-depth international search, interview and offer negotiation process we secured a fantastic offer for a truly fantastic candidate who is now leading the sales strategy for Alternatives solution across Simcorp globally.


Company: AcadiaSoft
Size: 120+ employees in 4 regional offices
Sector: Margin Automation for Collateral Management
Remit:Lead Integration Analyst

Situation: Callum James were engaged exclusively to source a very difficult to find profile for a client facing Lead Integration Analyst requiring excellent technical skills and a good understanding of financial services.

Solution: We used a combination of market mapping, targeted adverting and our extensive network as a platform for relevant referrals. Within 2 weeks had found 5 candidates that were selected for interview.

Outcome: Jaison was offered the position which he gladly accepted. We think he likes it there as he’s still there over 5 years later! Happy days!


Company: Clearwater Analytics
Size: 650+ employees across US and UK
Sector: Cloud based Investment Accounting and Reporting Software
Remit: Hires for a new London Sales team

Situation: Clearwater Analytics are a successful US FinTech and were looking to expand their footprint into the UK and Europe by establishing a new London office for a brand new EMEA Sales team. They required key hires across Sales, Pre-Sales, Business Development, Sales Operations and Marketing.

Solution: We worked closely with the UK Sales Director and US operations team to deliver a recruitment campaign that was engaging and had momentum. We used a combination of a strategic market search, network referrals and targeted advertising campaigns to engage with the best talent in the market.

Outcome: We secured a number of offers and placements for candidates across Sales, Pre-Sales and Sales Operations. The new Sales team is flourishing and we can’t wait to work with Clearwater again!


Company:  Broadridge Investment Management Solutions
: 10,000 employees in 9 regional offices
Sector: Front - Back Office Investment Management Software
Remit: Senior Relationship Manager

Situation: After a direct sourcing effort that did not manage to secure the right candidate, we were engaged on an exclusive basis by BIMS (formally US startup Paladyne) to recruit a Senior Relationship Manager for their EMEA business. This was a key appointment responsible for managing large buy-side accounts requiring excellent account management and sales ability.

Solution: Using our extensive network as a platform for relevant referrals we sourced a selection of qualified candidates and presented them to BIMS and within 3 weeks were well into first round interviews.

Outcome: We secured an amazing offer for an amazing candidate from a direct competitor, who happily accepted. BIMS were delighted to have a such an exciting new addition to their Account Management team. Smiles all round again!


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