Our process


Representing your brand effectively in the market is key to what we do and part of how we attract the top talent for all of our clients.

It’s a very competitive market out there and interviews are very much a two-way process. We work closely with our clients to address the ever changing landscape of successful recruitment fundamentals that will ensure you stay ahead of the competition and consistently attract, engage and secure the best talent:


  • Are you in tune with your employer brand reputation in the market?

  • Is your employer brand being represented consistently and appropriately in the market?
  • What is the candidate experience like through the interview process? Is it positive?
  • Does your current interview process engage candidates, does it have quick feedback turnarounds which champion employee value propositions and promote and sell the company to the candidate?
  • Do you have a digital marketing strategy and are you engaged with the market?


Search Process

We truly understand your market and have an extensive network across it. Due to the nature of your business and the skills sets required, we employ a variety of methods to ensure we reach every possible potential candidate with the relevant experience.

  • Structured Market Search
  • Network & Referrals
  • Targeted Advertising & Digital Media

Candidate attraction

Building a positive reputation for Callum James in our market is key to helping us to engage and attract the best candidates for our clients. Since we started trading in March 2009 we have become a recognised and trusted recruitment partner within our industry.

Assignments we work on are generally for positions where the best candidate is harder to find and where the potential impact of success or failure is greatest. We have over 15 years industry experience and knowledge of our market which together with our qualification process enables us to assess a candidates suitability for a requirement, gage their interest and then compile a shortlist of the very best for you to select and interview.


Interview process

Callum James will work in partnership with you to closely manage the interview process from arranging and coordinating interviews through to providing ongoing support and feedback throughout. The nature of our business is very client driven but rest assured we are extremely candidate focused.

We make sure we provide your candidates with the following during the interview process:

  • Comprehensive face to face briefings on client opportunities
  • Full CV advice/preparation
  • In-depth Interview preparation.
  • Guidance, advice and feedback throughout the interview process

Offer & Contract Negotiation / Resignation

Callum James are experts at managing the closing stages of the recruitment process and work closely with you and your preferred candidate to achieve a successful hire.

  • Package negotiation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Resignation guidance and advice
  • Dealing with / pre-empting Counter Offer situations

References and Background Checks

Callum James offers full reference checks (formal and informal).